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Another Patriotic Tune
Some love for our disabled Veterans. A song from the VA hospital.
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Bobby Kank
1983, 2016 Bobby Kank
June 06, 2016
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Story behind the song
When I was in the Navy Band, we visited the VA hospital to do a concert. I met a man named Carl who told me jokes and showed me pictures. Our last song was "You're a Grand Ole Flag". The patients stood (Those who were able) and sang along - many with tears in their eyes. tears of joy. When I got back to the barracks, I wrote this song.
Carl and I are bestest friends - they say we're still at war but you can ask anybody here - we're the the same as we were before Pretty ladies dressed in white get us our food and drink And we play bingo every night. The rest of the time, we think. The Navy Band came by to play an concert yesterday I'm retired Army, but I listened anyway And me and Carl stood, teary eyed (him propped up on his braces) And the finished us off with "Grand Ole Flag" and waved it in our faces Play another patriotic tune Play another patriotic tune Play another patriotic tune And come on back real soon. I got an extra pack of cigarettes- the kind the Carl smokes And Carl's got a stack of three by five cards supplied with his favorite jokes And we both share a photograph of a girl that we don't know It reminds us both of times we had so long ago Some of us forget the war, and other of them tend to savor it Carl and I are from different wars, but we don't play favorites And deep down we know that no one in that Navy Band has ever fought but we're proud to see a man in a uniform getting chances we never got Play another patriotic tune Play another patriotic tune Play another patriotic tune and come on back real soon. please, come on back real soon