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Jamaican Holiday
Happy Happy Happy - the sound is not Jamaican, however.
Acoustic - Acoustic General
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Copyright 1983, 2016 Bobby Kank and Bill Wells
June 02, 2016
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4:30 minutes
Story behind the song
Sitting in a Laundromat waiting for the clothes to dry. we always brought our guitars. Bill had a dream the night before where he was playing a song called"Jamaican Holiday". We laughed. Then we said, "Let's write it". And this is it.
Oh Maryanne would you look at this day you're lookin' so fine that there's no need to say When the sun goes down, you know I'll be stayin' with you All night long Oh Maryanne, what are you thinkin' of? whatever it is, I just can't get enough as you're dancin' with me and I'm fallin' in love with you All night long Hey! Such a sunny day! On Montego Bay Jamaican holiday Hey! You know I wanna stay you know I'll find a way Jamaican holiday Oh Maryanne, would you look at this night tell me you love me, tell me it's right Tell me again, Oh tell me you might wanna stay All night long Oh Maryanne, no this don't have to end when morning comes we'll do it over again Over and over again My whole life long
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