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Fretful Prepositions
tongue-in-cheek lyrics against a medley of Beach Boys tunes (some are lesser known songs).
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lyrics by Matt
May 18, 2016
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Story behind the song
many of my songs involve humor satire and sarcasm, but few are really out-and-out comedy tunes... This and "A Walk With You" are blatant sophomoric comedy.
Well I can capture any prefix confidently I’m putting “I” before an “E” except after “C” The word is no, no, no an interjection (punctuation is fine) Go, go, go with an inflection (spelling is mine) Low, low, low a predilection Ask it with a question mark Interrogative pronoun Ask it with a question mark Can you tell me; whom, whose, who know nouns It’s subjective …word. Article and preposition Modifier indecision While conjugating a verb! It’s just punctuation, I know, But I added an exclamation point Word, phrase, sentence, paragraph Apostrophe and a parenthetical dash Hyperbole Metaphor Simile to a superlative degree Hyphenation, quotation Exclamation point Abbreviation I have a dangling participle Infinitive split a little more Past present future tense Put the suffix at the end Knowing when to indent It’s hard to comprehend Who, how, where or when Looking up the word again I still wonder what the definition meant?
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