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He Hawaii Au MFH Version
This will become a backing track for a May Day celebration at work; probably will feature hula dancers.
World - Traditional Hawaiian
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Ron Rosha & Peter Moon
May 15, 2016
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I k?ia p? eia au me ?oe K?ia p? ua ho?i mai au He loa ka helena ma ke ala hele E huli i wahi ma k?ia ao Maopopo a ua ?ike ho?i Ka home i loko o ku?u pu?uwai Ua ho?i mai au, ke ?ike nei au ?A?ole au e ?auana hou Ke maopopo he Hawai?i au Tonight I am here with you Tonight, I have returned Long was my journey on the path To seek a place in this world I now clearly see and understand The home within my heart I returned when I realized this I will not wander again For I understand, I am Hawaiian