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'FREEDOM' Soundtrack Vocals by TJWay has been Chosen to appear in the upcoming Two Nations Movie, Available on CD Baby at: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/tjway Thanks and I hope you enjoy it PLS Visit Movie website 4 Info at: https://twonations.info/
World - Native American
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Words: Ruby Lee Whitehurst-Music:TJWAY/Silverlight
May 13, 2016
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Freedom is Now Available for Purchase at CD Baby via: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/tjway 'FREEDOM' Soundtrack Vocals by TJWay Has been chosen to appear in the upcoming Two Nations Movie, please support it and share it, to help me get the word out. Thanks and I hope you enjoy it. TJWay 'FREEDOM' © Lyrics Written by Ruby Lee Thigpen Whitehurst Music by TJWay & Terry Silverlight Officia Movie website: https://twonations.info/nfo
'FREEDOM' Vocals by TJWay © Lyrics Written by Ruby Lee Thigpen Whitehurst Music by TJWay & Terry Silverlight Official Movie website: https://twonations.info/ 'FREEDOM' Under duress we remain, On this strange, strange terrain, Racked with heartache and pain, Shackle and chain, Binding our feet and hands, But not our brain! Surrounded by foe or friend? Behind we left our native land, Whence God fashioned aboriginal man; Forced to live in an alien place, Where enslaved men pace, With grief on each face, Classified inferior to cattle; Lashed by whips; no energy for battle, Ahhhhhhhh ~~~! Obligated to feed with hogs and pigs, Or suck nutrition from edible twigs. Sun up ‘til sun down required to toil, Masters ignore natures’ spoil. Examining the forest with hopeful hearts, Planning an escape; to freedom. When can we start? Ohhhhh~~~ When can we start? Proficiently observing North Star’s light, Cautiously selecting the precise night, Men, woman, and children start the flight, Pressing forward; never looking back, Skillfully covering each track, Ahhhhh~~~Ahhhhh~~~Ahhhhh~~~ On and on we go. Never stopping for rest nor walking slow, Straight ahead, a village we see, Perhaps a place of refuge for you and me, Greeted by a compassionate unique race, With expressions of concern, And sincerity on each face, Sharing honesty, love, and respect; An alliance we make free of deceit or regret, Side by side, united we stand. Hand in hand with Indigenous Nations, Born on Turtle Island; their sacred land.
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