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Wavey with Me Baby
God says; "Get wavey with me baby" Lets go Church!! God is love and a consuming fire. Beat by Swiss Frankie. Hit Swiss up for your beats!!
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HipHop - New School
Previous peak charts position #211
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #18
StreetLife / Swiss Frankie
November 16, 2017
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3:39 minutes
=1st Verse= Aint got nothing but love for the God Who made the oceans I'm lost in His love He takes pride in my devotion living every day in eternity with certainty You know how it be in a world that lacks dignity but surfs up so I perk up no need to work up what He turns up salvation is free it was no joke He said just believe and cheese smile every mile receive these keys sail on these mountains and be who you be your a legacy in time you'll see who I see you were fearfully and wonderfully made meaning He was careful in every way to make you as amazing as the Son He gave the Son He came and here I am a son He gave pounding on me with these lovely waves. =2nd Verse= For real it was hell tryin to get up on this narrow but really how I felt was the reason the battle I didn't believe that His eye was on a sparrow and that He loved me more than I could ever fathom my though life was the issue triggering emotions that drove me to the pistol but now in faith everything is so crystal I need no weed to help me escape I can finally breathe I've met my fate think what you want say what you say but nothin in this world could ever make me fake come ride this wave keep it real with me created to love and live in harmony to the beat of my heart the Truth'll set you free nothing like God's presence nirvana in my presence. =3rd Verse= What a sight to see Lord Your the Light Your the Life in me real joy real peace the real Christ in me Your not a book I recite from memory I'm a home Your the guest nonetheless make Yourself at home come and rest lay Your head on my chest and breathe kick back and relax I'll massage Your feet Wisdom Your so beautiful perfect all around down to the cuticles with curves like this I couldn't see You in a cubical how You look at me I know we indivisible You so fine Your love is new wine how I treasure our time writing these rhymes live laugh cry gettin drunk with the apple of my eye never sleep or rewind. BEAT;-swissfrankie+ridethiswavewhooknewbeatsadded
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