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Voyager- 2
a Balled- about Reincarnation-Lyrics by Carol Garcia... Vocals & music By Ray Garcia...Sorry it took so long for me to put the rest of the music to the song! For Ever & For Always....My Love
Alternative - Emo
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Carol & Ray Garcia
January 22, 2018
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5:39 minutes
Story behind the song
How Meny Life times Will I have to travel before i can be with you Again....I will always LOVE YOU Carol......Forever & For Always
worldliness has chained me a prisoner a reflection in a looking glass just beyond the door who am I and who are we and what's it all for,what's it all for. Hours of time traveling through space my mind is again a Voyager leaving this place,going on to search for knowledge once learned. Now much is forgotten and I must find the answers in their turn,in their turn. traveling through time, the plans are set there's gold to find. Mustering up courage to face myself, I am spun deep in my mind. Growing as a seed does, reaching for the Sun, I must unveil the knowledge given to all as one. Passing through life mirrored rhymes I must make sense of them, for they are the answers, they hold all the truths. they are the wisdom no one can refuse, No one can refuse. Setting my eyes on visions I've already seen. Flowing through past ages I already been. Worldliness has chained me, a prisoner, a reflection in a looking glass just beyond the door But behold, I am an explorer hungry to know more grow more, hungry to know more.
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