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I Needa Quit You
04/07/16 To all those toxic relationships out there that are just too good to quit even though they're slowly drowning you. So the cliche goes.... Produced by Sinima Beats - http://sinimabeats.net
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HipHop - Hip Hop General
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Dizeazed / Sinima Beats
April 07, 2016
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Hook: I think I needa quit, but I know I’m full of shit As soon as I’m in your grip, it begins again Cause I know I’m gonna trip as soon as I try to dip One of us is gonna flip, it’ll never end Always blowing up the phone… I needa quit you We just need some time alone… I needa quit you No matter who takes the blame… I needa quit you Before we drive each other insane (I needa quit you) Verse I: It started off so friendly, just nothing, killing time I’m thinking back and wishing that I could just hit rewind Cause now it’s up and heated, like one of us just cheated You’re attacking, I’m defending, and we’re both defeated Now what the fuk just happened, can you explain to me How our friendship elevated and all this came to be Cause I’m a bit confused, when did we break the rules Cause we’ve been angry and acting like some ignorant fools I guess it was the sex, it’s always filthy sex That’s able to create the worst out of something the best Now I’m wanting to rest, but you wanting to run We both getting depressed, all this shit is so dumb I think we needa break, I think we needa chill Don’t get me wrong, the sex is bomb, but on the real I ain’t good with emotions and this a little much Girl persists, boy resists, this cliché as fuk Verse II: We had it figured out, we kept it out our mouths So people wouldn’t interfere and spin the shit around But now it’s getting shady, and people catching on My mood’s affected daily, and people ask what’s wrong It’s like a second life, my first is slowly dying I don’t even answer my phone because I’m sick of lying Like what you doing Diz, you wanna roll tonight Wait, let me guess, you is working or it’s music right? Jesus Christ you’re eating all of my time And I’m devouring yours so where do we draw the line When we ride it’s ok, please just don’t let me all up inside, when we play, Cause we collide and decay But by your side when I lay, I’m alive, feeling great Then I’m tied when away, cause we lie everyday So I’m fly out the gate, this guys’ gotta escape I needa quit you…. But it can wait another day Verse III: We can’t seem to fix it, so we’ll be broken hearted How can we end it when we don’t even know what we started I feel a little empty, helpless just like I’m drowning You can hear it in the song, even the beat is frowning And it’s so damn depressing, and I got no suggestions I guess its run its course, this marathon has finished sessions …. And I have gotten no confessions So when it’s said and done both of us are second guessing Now we can both be lonely, now we can both roll solo And all our friends be saying “why you trippin, fuk it, YOLO” But they ain’t even know about it So what the fuk they know about it Nothing, so that’s just how we gotta end it All this back and forth has wrecked our hearts and ain’t no way to mend it Relationship is suspended, we embrace that shit’s descended Free from grace that’s been expended…. No more pretending