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Glad You're In My Life
Brandon Bray was a young singer/composer from Manoa, Hawaii who rose to stardom through Ron Jacob's Home Grown series. He composed and copyrighted this song on which I had the honor to play guitar. Sorry for the scratchiness (from a 45 rpm).
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Brandon Bray
April 06, 2016
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Story behind the song
Brandon was a sharp kid. He composed his own songs and auditioned musicians from the University of Hawaii to play for this project "Glad You're In My Life". He paid for the recording sessions and our payment as musicians was the experience to record in a studio. I think the original recordings were done at Audissey but Brandon wasn't satisfied so he had most of the tracks re-done at Sounds of Hawaii. As young adult back in 1977 (I think), this was the chance of a lifetime. Audy Kimura was the sound engineer at Sounds of Hawaii, and as I recall he was so very patient with us. Other musicians: Kevin Hirasa guitar, Mike Kam drums, Eddie Tsuru bass, Dwight Okamura keyboards. These guys were great and I remember jamming with them on some fusion stuff (Jeff Beck "You Know What I Mean"). I played a Les Paul Custom for the guitar solo - a guitar that I still have to this day. No effects, no amp - just DI into the board. Final release was as a vinyl 45 rpm - B-side is "This Thing They Call Love". I had this at my mom's house all these years and it took Roger Bong from Aloha Got Soul to get me to search for it. Roger digitized it as an mp3. Sorry it's so scratchy but it was sitting in a paper sleeve all these years in a dank basement. Sadly, Brandon passed away years ago. Audy can still be found gigging at Hy's Steakhouse. Thank you to all the great people mentioned here as well as Brandon's mom and sister who supported Brandon, the project, and us musicians. Mahalo ke Akua!