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Big Bertha
A Folk/Blues artist from the US Pacific Northwest A Songwriter, Singer, Storyteller, Slide Guitarist & Sawplayer Earthy vocals, resophonic guitar bottleneckin’ and the rhythmic moans of harmonica combine while foot stompin’ pounds out a beat.
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Reggie Miles
2022 Reggie Miles
April 02, 2016
MP3 4.4 MB, 137 kbps, 4:29
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Story behind the song
This acoustic Folk Blues is about a huge figure in the excavation business, who came to Seattle to dig a hole. Unfortunately, Big Bertha wasn't up to the task. This story song documents what happened.
Big Bertha 2015 Reggie Miles All rights reserved Seattle wanted to bore, a great big hole Deep underground, way down below To divert traffic, from their waterfront sprawl For a hole that big, there's just one gal to call, Big Bertha Big Bertha, Big Berrrrrtha Big Bad Bertha Big Bertha's the biggest gal on earth 80 million dollars is what she's worth They say she came from Osaka Japan And that no gal can do what Big Bertha can, Big Bertha Big Bertha, Big Berrrrrtha Big Big Bertha Bertha's head was 57 feet wide She had 25 men workin her inside She weighed in at 7 thousand ton She's one big gal, I'm a tellin ya son, Big Bertha Bertha dug right in, but it didn't take long For somthin' to go so terribly wrong A thousand feet in to her two mile trek She became one heck of a big ol' wreck, Big Bertha Big Bertha, Big Berrrrrtha Big Wreck Bertha The news spread fast bout Bertha's state Everyone debated Bertha's fate Should they leave 'er there, in that hole in the ground Another roadside attraction for Seattle town, Big Bertha Some say Bertha had worked long enough So she found a pipe to toke some stuff Now she's on a well deserved vacation In her Emerald City waterfront location, Big Bertha Big Bertha, Big Berrrrrtha Big Stoned Bertha Big Bertha wanted to stick around In her three billion dollar berth in the ground But engineers workin in cooperation Chose to wake Bertha up from her hibernation, Big Bertha They say they'll fix Bertha before too long And then that'll be the end of my Big Bertha song I'll be sad to see Bertha go her way But sadder still, that 'er money pit is here to stay, Big Bertha Big Bertha, Big Berrrrrtha Sayonara Bertha, Big Bertha
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