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Being a Grownup
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Rock - Hard Rock
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H. Owen
2016 H. Owen
March 31, 2016
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3:09 minutes
(verse 1) It seems like everyone wants to go back to when they were a kid They sit around thinking about all of the fun stuff that they did Spring break and a lemonade stand Their first kiss and their very first band But not me (chorus) Because I get to have sex I get to sit around in my underwear If someone says that my room is a mess Well I really don't care I get to drink beer I get to eat cupcakes for breakfast No matter what they say Being a grownup is the best (verse 2) Don't get me wrong things were great when I was a boy I had a good family, lots of friends, I had a lot of toys Now my job sucks and my boss is a jerk I get too little money for too much work But that's okay (chorus)
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