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World - Native American
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March 27, 2016
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All praise is due to you, All praise is due to you, Who made us to lovvvvvve lovvvvve lovvvvvveeeeeeeee You made us love you made us to love Cause youuuu areeee the lovvvving onnne Youuuu areeee the lovvvving oneee You made us to lovvvvve, you made us to lovvvvve Cause youu are theeee one, who madeee sakee towin youuuu maddddde sakee-towinnn, sakee-towinnn sakeetowinnnn, sakeetowwinnnn Cause youuuu madddde everythinggg, You are the onee who madeeee, sakeetowinnn, sakeetowinn, sakeetowin, sakeetowin, Cause youuuu areee the lovinggggg, Youuu areee the lovinngggg, sakeetowinn,,, sakeetowinn,,, sakeetowinn,,, sakeetowinn Cause youuu areee the one who made us to loveee, And you are the one who is the maker of love, Sigatowin, sigatowin, sigatowin, sigatowin Cause youuu are the one who is the lovinggggg, Youuuu are the one who is siggga-towin Siggatowinnnn..
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