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This Christmas
Pop - Contemporary Gospel
Previous peak charts position #187
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #11
Keith Bieber
March 26, 2016
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This Christmas why not come in from the cold, and hear a story from of old, about a Fathers love at Christmas This Christmas why not sit down by the fire; hear a tale of love and deep desire, about a Fathers gift at Christmas Bout a Father up above, heartbroken with love, so He gave, so He gave, so He gave His own Son. Bout a world torn apart, lost in the dark. So He gave, So He gave, Gave us all a brand new start, by the gift of His only Son, at Christmas This Christmas, have yourself a cup good of cheer, and a very happy new year, and a Fathers love. This Christmas This Christmas as the world around you goes insane, why not whisper His name, and His find peace in your heart this Christmas There’s a Father above, who’s smiling with love, cause He Gave, cause He Gave, He gave us His son And the hearts that were torn, are being reborn, by the gift, by the gift, of the child who was born, so long ago at Christmas Why stand out in the cold, just growing old, come on in, come on in, Come in be whole. Why stand out in the night, when its warm and bright, take a step, Take a step, Step into the light.... And see the father’s gift this Christmas, Why stand out in the cold, new life can unfold, Reach out, Reach out, reach out and take hold, embrace your fathers gift this Christmas..