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If I Was Young Again (feat Linda Beringmeier)
Pop - Power Pop
Previous peak charts position #7
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Baitinger /Kiphen
July 10, 2020
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IF I WAS YOUNG AGAIN Verse As a child I'd spin the globe Place my finger down Close my eyes imagine The new life I had found Nothing's like the innocence Of a young child's mind It's beauty and it's wonder Oh how I miss those times Pre-chorus: Round and round and round we'd go Places in our minds Open to adventure Unchained from father time Chorus Places that I'd go Things that I would do If I was young again I'd go back with you I'd dream like a child Of things that I could do If I was young again I'd go back with you If I was young again If I was young again Verse I'd climb up Mt. Olympus Sit on Zeus's throne Look out upon the world Give you all I owned We'd sail the Nile with Pharaoh Help him drink his wine If I was young again And darling you were mine Pre-chorus: Tumbling like rolling dice Good luck on our side All we would have to do Is wish and close our eyes Chorus Lyrics: Carroll Kiphen Music: Robert Baitinger All instruments: Robert Baitinger Vocals: Linda Beringmeier
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