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Absolute Angel
One memory is all we need to go on. This is our absolute angel.
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Country - Americana
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Chapman James
July 01, 2016
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Story behind the song
When I say to myself, "This too shall pass" myself proceeds to ask "Why or How", whereupon I refer myself to my Absolute Angel. That one memory that helps me go on
Absolute Angel words and music by Chapman James When the morrow seems futile and storms in a rage enfold When the journey seems endless as stars in the distant cold When your peace is consumed in a thirst Of a desert; deep, buried and cursed The absolute angel will calm every wayward soul There see her float o'er the breath of a lonely cry She lights oh so softly upon every tearful eye She will sweep you to heaven if ere You look on her face with despair The absolute angel who soars in a tranquil sky Absolute angel Aloft in the hopeful heart Gracious or painful As laughter might be in the dark ...smiling away, the remains of the day There are songs bathed in wishes and treasures who fade from mind There is faith that the morning might bring one a love in kind Yet thru all that has been or embarks On each echo til eons depart Flies the absolute angel, a memory unstuck in time copyright 4/11/2014 Polhemusic