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Crazy Eyes
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Rock - Hard Rock
Previous peak charts position #158
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H. Owen
2013 H. Owen
January 22, 2016
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3:50 minutes
(verse 1) Crashed out on the couch The work day is done 300 channels Man there's nothing on Suddenly like a shock to my brain She wore an orange jumpsuit with her hands in chains (chorus) Crazy eyes staring back at me From the girl I'm watching on the TV I bet she knows how to have a good time Oooo baby I want to kiss her right now Got to know what's going on behind those crazy eyes (verse 2) They say she robbed a bank And had a shootout with the law She took her boyfriend hostage And hid out in Arkansas Newsman says she's a dangerous girl A girl like that can rock my world (chorus) (verse 3) I wrote her a letter And sent it to the state jail I rush home every evening So I can check the mail Psycho girl you're quite a gal You're so much more than my prison pen pal (chorus) (chorus2) Crazy eyes seared into my brain Nothing's ever gonna be the same Some day they're gonna set you free Oooo baby I can't wait to meet ya Got to know what's going on behind those crazy eyes
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