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early version of a song from the eventual album "Hybrid" that will be released on my 70th birthday in 2028. Featuring the fabulous Julia Albert-Olsson.
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Stuart Pearson
January 02, 2016
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Story behind the song
about the daydreams of a regular shmoe how dreams of the superpowers of a MAGMA-TECH !!!
MAGMA-TECH @2010 Stuart Pearson Temperature, pressure, and composition My days are measured in igneous conditions. And in phase diagrams, At the thermodynamical points, On these charts, that delineate mineral melts, Ten miles down, hmn, the pressure keeps building And looks around, for a flue soft and willing. And the melt, starts to rise, Pushing out to the sky And In pyroclastic tuff, All the tephra erupts into… Magma-Tech, smoke and ash and flame, Magma-Tech, children chant and sing my name. Magma-Tech, Men wish they could be, Magma-Tech, and all the women ahhhhhh,…. To me Magma-Tech! It feels like the tectonic plates below us are diverging! We shouldn’t be this far down in the volcano! But my geophones show no Resonance Waves or Inflection Points in the Subduction Zones! Magma-Tech! My meters are indicating elevated levels of sulphur dioxide up to 5,000 tonnes along with growing thermal emissivity! I have given my life and devotion, To flowing volcanic islands and oceans. Every night, five til three, It was migmatites and me. While the rest, carry on, With their wives, kids, their homes, lawns, I’m… Magma-Tech, crowds crush on the train. Magma-Tech, the din of lives pressed flat and plain Magma-Tech, Men wish they could be, Magma-Tech, and all the women ahhhhhh,…. To me Magma-Tech, four o’clock again Magma-Tech, time to sleep to dream again.