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Bunkers of Berlin 10-9-11
rough mix from the eventual album "Hybrid" to be released on my 70th birthday in 2028.
Alternative - Other Alternative
Previous peak charts position #18
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #4
Stuart Pearson
January 02, 2016
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160 kbps bitrate
5:13 minutes
Story behind the song
The Bunkers in Berlin speak of their age, their thoughts of the people who have used them and their ageless life of decay. Features the ghostly voice of Maureen Davis
BUNKERS OF BERLIN © 2011 Stuart Pearson There’s nothing written That escapes the eraser. The world’s architecture Is on the lips of who wins. Stepping onto the subway Hearing the air raid sirens In the Bunkers of Berlin. Got to hold you. Got to Keep you down, Where it's dark and safe. Got to keep you, Got to keep you out, Where we're dark and safe. Arbeit macht frei, meine Liebe weg, Jedem das Seine. Echte Deutsche Vermeiden sie! I didn’t ask you to come here. I’m happy with spiders and echoes. A painting’s a painting, lose or win. What they saw as protection You see as a tourist Through the Bunkers of Berlin. Seien Sie anstandig seien Sie, Treu seien Seie und kongenial, Seien Sie ehrlich ! Shadows aren’t cast in the darkness Your flashlight lifts the goblins and the jinns. My life is valid because I’m still here, In the moldy Bunkers of Berlin. Nicht wie lassen tyranned uns Aber als befreier kommen, Es ist das ganze Blut und Ehre !