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Sky is Falling
Blues rock tune featuring Anne Cozean on vocals and lyrics, with Xolv on lead guitar. Final mix by TST.
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Blues - Blues Rock
Previous peak charts position #24
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #10
January 01, 2016
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3:29 minutes
SKY IS FALLING I Have Not Read The Morning Paper But I Guess The World Is Still A Mess Cuz News Sells Best When We Are Scared Out Of Our Minds Media Jacking Up The StressĀ  The Sky Is Falling Or So We're Being Told Fear Mongers Spread The Doubt And Feed Upon The Soul I Do Not Watch The Television That Thing Will Drive Us All Insane Scenes Flash So Quickly That The Eye Can't Really See Panic Starts Filling Up The Brain The Sky Is Falling Or So It Would Appear Fear Mongers Do Their Work And We Drown In Tears The Sky Is Falling Or Is It Rain Let It Pour All Over Me Wash Away This Pain