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Zapp - My Babe
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December 27, 2015
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Story behind the song
Got her back - now tryin to hold her forever - wich me luck!
( Im not straight outta compton but as dangrous as bombs if somebody is about to harm anything I love Theres like a trigger in my head that can change me to "Mad Zapp" just to protect anything I love once its activated better run yo or try to fight me and see your fucking letters on a gravestone seriously I-I-I like peace but I would not wait for the police Cause I got my baby I dont even want another for night not even maybe keep my baby got it back and I dont wanna feel the pain again everything was shady safe my baby why do I suddenly feel like when I was young because we even got some haters hold my baby and I enjoy every single touch I lo-lo-lo-lo-love her so much! I told you Im like a swan I never go on my own cause I prefer to repair stuff before its broken ore gone Theres almost no reason to quit it only seasons to fix it I work on it in every minute our future is brilliant I cant wait geting old together like in the old days we simply make it better -than our whole generation
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