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Spanish Pearls In Ole'
Virgin in this version Marry of the Sea me this is the reality version without any edits or effects.. yes a remix on the way.. Conchy.. Conshy style... in a Mallorcan bag pipe.. I love you to stay..
Latin - Flamenco
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Copyright Daniele Davis Victoria TATU@AE
Queen-Nefer-Aset-Titi-Cleo-She-Bah Akashic Re-Cord
December 23, 2015
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3:40 minutes
Story behind the song
This is my Version in the most real way pure records no effects nothing but the oceans n a splash of a mic in the waves.. This is my true love to stay... you can't argue with that nor could eye know my King could want anything else but eye in his boat majestically Eye am his Holy Sea the see of infinite love in totality... There is not a thing else eye crave on my day of incarnation but you Sire...