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Ode To My Wiener
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Pop - Adult Contemporary
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H. Owen
2015 H. Owen
December 03, 2015
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I went for a little walk Just a quick trip around the block To take in some cool autumn air She pulled up next to me And asked "Which way to the Piggly Wiggly?" She was so pretty, I just stood there and stared I asked "How about a date?" She said "That sounds great, Friday at nine, I'll even make up my face." We had some wine, we had a dance I thought "Here's my chance." So I took her home to my place. -chorus- Where she said she really likes my weiner She thinks it's fun when he stands up straight She spent all night playing with my weiner And I can't wait for our second date I like to take my weiner out When I'm running errands, out and about I'm just so proud, I want the world to see Children scream and women cry Old folks say "My oh my" Sometimes a fella will even wink at me One day in a park downtown A female officer chased me down And said "Sir, you have to keep the weiner restrained. I won't give you a ticket this time Because your weiner looks so fine." She gave me a paper with her number and her name -chorus- Well all the girls really like my weiner They think it's fun when he stands up straight They just can't get enough of my weiner My weiner gets me lots of dates Sometimes when I'm all alone I draw the curtains, turn off the phone And I spend the evening just messing with my weiner -chorus-
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