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In The Name of Love
Religion, Love and Politics always have and easy fix...
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Rock - Classic Rock
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Jimmy Piatt
James David Piatt
January 12, 2016
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4:32 minutes
Story behind the song
Recorded entirely with my little Boss Multitrack recorder...plugged my Strat straight in and used the sounds (including the bass) on it. The only thing "outboard" was the percussion which is just a patch on my trusty old Yamaha keyboard.
The mass appeal of dirty deals has got us in this far the fascination is really overrated a lot... We didn't notice we overloaded and we were fallin apart the chronic desperation is the sum of all the fears that we got... and baby we got a lot... (chorus) Can you feel the fire...and don't you know the situation is dire the flames are getting higher in the name of love... We've gotten older, we've gotten bolder yet it all feels the same the words that we are saying are a vain attempt at fannin the flames 'tis the season for the end of reason, faith is a dangerous game religion, love and politics they always got an easy fix: find somebody else you can blame...ain't it a shame (chorus) (solo break) No doubt, we sold out...now the damage is done corruption and disruption and the constant interruptions make sure nothing gets done... ain't we havin fun? (chorus)