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A CLICKER CLUB ENTRY FOR THE NOVEMBER 2015 "Carnival of the Animals Song Challenge" THANK YOU JEREMY for your BRILLIANCE with this one!! I LOVE IT!
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Jeremy Troyer/John Feisthamel
November 18, 2015
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Story behind the song
We came up with a comedy song for the CLICKERS CLUB Carnival Of Animals Challenge
Author: Jeremy Troyer and DrumnJon EUU BIRD EUU BIRD EUU BIRD EUUU BIRD flying up above.. You know the secret of love.. An you've got yourself a problem that works good for you.. EUUU BIRD EUUU BIRD EUUU BIRD Flying up above I see you and all of your mates.. You have a very good handle on of what it takes.. You sit down and you go “EUU! EUU!” Because you have two inch legs and a four inch you know WHO! EUU BIRD! EUU BIRD! Lets see what you would do if we took away your you know who.. Lets see what your little birdy girly birdies what they'd do.. And all we had to do was just give you a nip or two. EUUU BIRD! EUUU BIRD! EUUU BIRRRRRD.. Tackle Bird.. EUUU BIRRRRRD..what do you do now? EUUUUUUU! EUUUUUUU! EUUUUUUU! EUUUUUUU! What would you do if you were you know who? The EUU EUU Bird might be you if you if you know who who who.. Do you know what I'm talking about? Do you know that he's short and stout? He's got two inch legs and a four inch pecker.. Don't ya know that he's one heck of a fecker.. He's a Huuuuhh huhhh He's a Heee heeee He's a bird man! He's a bird man! He's a bird man! He's a Bird!
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