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Alt-pop rock acoustic rock song. A little rap, a little country, a little psychodelic rock - with a spiritual message.
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Mark MacDonald
(c) 2015 MD2
October 21, 2015
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Story behind the song
Less than 2 hours spent on this start to finish from song creation. Busted it all out before noon one morning. Another quick and dirty Pandora 4 track. That's one uncut take on the electric guitar. There's one spot that really sounds like a cross fade but isn't.
Listen everybody I got a groovy type of feeling You can do it in the morning or you can do it in the evening Everyone's trying to just get a little lovin' There ain't no need for all the pushing and shoving You might find you got everything you need Take a look inside it's there like a seed Shining so bright 'cause it's the source of all love. Transcendental consciousness of the True Lord Above. In the dark night of my soul, there's light that still shines Let me open the curtain, with that light I'm not blind.
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