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An account of the Israeli invasion of Gaza in 2014
Acoustic - Folk
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tom neilson
Tom Neilson 2015
October 17, 2015
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An account of the Israeli invasion of Gaza in 2014
Everything’s a target in Gaza, Mosque, shelters, and schools Hear Bibi proclaim everything is fair game under Israeli rules Everything’s a target in Gaza Out with a group or alone. Inside a club watching a world cup Under the spy of a drone. Everything’s a target in Gaza. homes, power station, and stores Farms and the factories, chickens & cheese; And kids that used to be yours A diet nearing starvation; Turning the water to brine Blow up hospitals, refugee camps Try to destroy Palestine. Obama, Hillary send the artillery Bomb & blockade from air, land, and sea With all the senate voting That’s how self-defense ought to be. It’s an open air prison in Gaza There is no place you can hide Bibi says he’s mowing the lawn That’s what is called genocide. Flechette darts, white phosphorus and dimes Palestinian blood on our hands We foot the bill so Bibi can kill. That’s always been part of the plans. Obama… From partition to occupation, Land stealing Zionism Apartheid, the Wall, till they take it all The ultimate solution. Everything’s a target in Gaza.
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