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Walk With Me-1
A Contemporary Christian rock tune
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October 12, 2015
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“Walk With Me” Words and Music By Wig Nelson c. 2006 (First Verse & Second Verses) Em G If you saw me walk on water Am Em Could you place your trust in me If you saw me heal a blind man Would it help you to believe If you think that you’re above her Be the first to cast the stone If you find the will to love her Then she doesn’t stand alone (Chorus) C G When the sun no longer sails the heavens C G When the moon falls helpless to the sea C G Would you like to carry on forever Am Em All I ask is that you walk with me (Third & Fourth Verses) On the many roads to heaven You can find me on them all On the castle built on evil Is a tower bound to fall When you pass along the story How the water changed to wine Will you sing about the glory That was never really mine (Chorus) (Fifth Verse) When the sky was full of fury It was I who calmed the sea That a ship of faithful sailors Could forever walk with me
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