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The Door
A time when I was lost and needed to hear this message
Acoustic - Acoustic Rock
Previous peak charts position #368
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #1
Lee Robertz
2002 ASCAP
October 01, 2015
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2:48 minutes
Story behind the song
Written in 1988 after I got out of rehab at 18 yeas old i was looking for something and this is what I wrote.
The lights are gone & here we are & I can feel that something's wrong You walk alone in the night Searching for what's true at heart It's not me your looking for Can you find the open door Can you find your way home Can you find the open door You close your eyes and deep inside Something crazy's going on Where's it from you don't know It jus won't leave you alone Stains of love , cries of hate Running circles in your mind Through your heart is who we are Now we're right back at the start