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Nobody Loves You
Life changing Epiphany and a True story song
Acoustic - Folk
Previous peak charts position #1
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #1
Lee Robertz
2002 ASCAP
October 01, 2015
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3:07 minutes
Story behind the song
My journey is a lifelong quest to find peace in every moment available to me. I have read books and been taught by professionals but the best education I have ever received is from person to person contact and the love shared through those experiences. With that in mind I feel it necessary to share my story of how I rose over adversity and achieved the impossible. As a child I was told that my father had been a pilot in Vietnam and his plane went down but was never recovered. At five years old I made a wooden cross in my grandfathers shop and placed it out in the woods behind my grandparents house. As I drove the cross into the ground I vowed with every swing that I would find my father, but he's dead, I will find my father, got stuck on play and everything else fell to the wayside. Any doubt that every came up was stopped with the sound of myself vowing to find my father. I honestly thought I would find bones at best at this point. But I would find him no doubt. The biggest smile I ever had on my face was on August 30th 1991 when the nurse handed me my son. (Had the same one in 1996 when my daughter was born) For the first time in my life I experienced unconditional love or what I like to call pure love. It was life changing and made me want to be a better person. After my son was born I went on the hunt with the little bit of clues my mother had given me as a child. I had a friend going to New Orleans and I asked if would stop and get a copy of my father's birth certificate. When he returned he told me they couldn't find his name anywhere in the state. I began harassing my mother about more details and she got to where she wouldn't take my calls. I the mean time a family friend sent me a private message that my grandfather knew something. So I wrote my Pops a letter and asked him to tell me the truth about my father. I guess it was a few days after he got the letter my mother shows up in Dallas and picked me up from where I was staying and drove to a grocery store parking lot. She handed me a letter and it told of the story of a young woman that had two children with two different men and her parents were so disgusted that they made up the story of the father dying in Vietnam to hide the fact that we were bastard children. The only thing she knew about my father was the guys name that introduced them the 23 years before. After some research I found the man phone number and called him. He told me that he had not seen him since that night introduced them at a party at Fort Hood. He said But I know he told me that his parents were from a small town in Illinois and they would never move from there. So with the name of the city and last name of my father I found my grandparents phone number in Illinois. I remember the day I called and my grandma answered the phone and gave me my father's phone number, She told when I met her later that she knew it was me and she had my baby picture on her Fridge. I called him shortly after and found out for the first time that there is no such thing as impossible, even when it looks impossible it's just life trying to tell you " I'm Possible" Never give up!
There's a little boy stuck out in the rain Noone sees him but he understands the pain See his blood was gone before he was born Bound to find him to this he was sworn That don't mean nobody loves you That don't mean nobody cares No one said that live was easy & by the way it's not fair Now the little boy had turned into a man He looked around himself & he can't understand All the stories and lies that were said How could you tell a boy his daddy was dead The search for his father he was true to his vow And how he found him only God knows how All the boy's daddy had to say Was how he screwed up when he walked away