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Down With the Blues
A re-recording of one of the first songs I wrote.
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Rock - Hard Rock
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H. Owen
2012 H. Owen
September 25, 2015
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(verse 1) Hot night, so pretty Good time for fooling around Street light, big city Plenty of girls to be found Been on the street since yesterday I need somebody to show me the way (chorus) Somebody save me, man I'm down with the blues She blew my mind, I blew a fuse She took my heart, she stole my soul My body's aching, man I'm out of control Somebody show me a way to get over this (verse 2) Crowded coffee house, I saw her there Get up to say "Hello" Phantom lady, empty chair Tell me where did she go? I have to find that girl and tell her she's fine I have to find her and make her min (chorus) (verse 3) Dark alley, strange faces Tell me where did she go? Local band, noisy places I'm in no mood for a show My feet are hurting and I need a rest I have a girl on my mind and an ache in my chest (chorus) I'll be on the street every night If that's what I have to do Searching high, searching low Looking for any clue (chorus)
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