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stone heart
Alternative - Indie
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samantha west
samantha west
September 24, 2015
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my heart is full of stone, precious stone put it in the road, busy road all i can think of, is flower petal tongue the sweetest song, it's never been sung the moon is full and bright, it's quiet tonight thoughts are few and far between, words stumble out when i speak to you, only you i am sure but i want to ask you everything i watch how you watch me you read how we come with a summary we all come with a summary put down your books, play in the garden today come have a look, stay in the garden with me we're wasting our time, everything's wasting away it's you that i find, whenever i find my way there's a river of diamonds it flows to the garden it waits there's a river that shines it flows to the garden it waits let's walk to the river the river of diamonds and shine take me along on your adamantine water ride