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lying in the heat of your arms
Alternative - Indie
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samantha west
samantha west
September 24, 2015
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a path through the jungle it's one of my favorites it leads to the ocean and there's no room for talking you said that you wanted to so i took us to the edge of things sometimes i shake myself to sleep i'm good at holding on and on you cannot predict it with all of your gadgets so lay down a blanket listen to the breeze (listen to me breathe) shadow me a dialogue your words set me on fire i'm sitting in a hurricane i'm nothing but a child would you walk to me today? there is no clearing in the air to see i am tied up in a trench i got no alibi lying in the heat of your arms and i'm betting i'm better then you i'm bad because i don't want the truth i say it all to the ink in the night you can pay me for what you couldn't steal from my eyes lying in the heat of your arms come out! come out! come out from behind your walls goodnight goodnight from here i can see it all