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56 Nights Remix feat. Drastic
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HipHop - Hardcore Rap
Previous peak charts position #283
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #46
Derrick Walker
August 11, 2015
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160 kbps bitrate
2:56 minutes
Story behind the song
To Put lightly , this is a heart felt Remix shedding light on "The Enemy" and his self appointed practices frowned upon By US The People!
I think 56 nights Crazy x2 I think me and Hood Go Crazy x2 I did 56 bars, off In my basement, tha Book went Crazy x2 I smoked 56 blunts, All In 1 week No wonder why I feel Lazy Fronted fool, and he took ah lost, But he still found ah way to still pay me, I aint pop ah molly but I prolly, Cause tha yoppers that they got aint get me phaded x2 Winning keep ah nigga Motivated, Squad Keep ah nigga Motivated Shorties keep ah nigga Motivated So tha money keep ah nigga motivated, Money language is tha, conversation, hunnids, fifties this is segregation, Yall niggaz aint really in it, how u on tha block wit no paticipation, I aint even wit tha gang shit, oms nigga I can educate Fuk wit bro, and I ah up tha tool, it ah lay you down, but ah elavate you, Moving pounds like ah escalator, firing rounds wit no hesitation, Thanking God for ah mediator, the lord forgives, (I may need it later x2) Fuk wit my commas yeah, I fuk up yo Momma yeah, I fuk up obama yeah, I fuk up J dalmer, donk fuk wit my dollars, I skirt in impala, the devil wear prada, But that bitch get nada thang, aint into a lot of things, pistols designer jeans, Im into tha finer things, x2 I think 12 killing shawtys crazy, I think 12 killing shawtys crazy I think shawtys killing shawty's crazy, I think shawtys killing shawty's crazy I think all politicians crazy, I think all politicians crazy! I think 56 nights Crazy x2