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Starlight Shining
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A ballad about our place in the Universe, and the search to find meaning.
Peak in subgenre #40
Michael Carpenter
Michael Carpenter
July 18, 2015
MP3 2.8 MB, 128 kbps, 3:03
Story behind the song
Written over two days, this is one of four songs recorded as a group between March - July 2015. The main instrument is a Yamaha keyboard, with acoustic guitar and Hofner 500/1 bass.
In the end When the darkness descends What will become of me? Will I go To above or below Or will there be nothing to see? There are raging debates, a Paradise awaits Ready for those who pray But I can’t be sure, without something more It’s just what people say How do you know That you know what you know Is not just a tale you were told? What if you find That it’s all in the mind No Paradise to behold? But the atoms of you, were once forged anew As traces of stars now gone And now it is found, in you they abound Your atoms go on and on What if we are Made of nothing so far And life is just a dream passing by? Why should we care If we’re nothing but air What happens when we die? But while we have power, we should live every hour And help one another when we can The future may find, what we’ve left behind Our starlight shining once again
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