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David Amber - Second Time Around feat Ashley
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Pop - Pop General
Previous peak charts position #83
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July 16, 2015
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Chorus Can we start over or is this really the end And now I wonder if I'll ever see you again I hope you know, boy, that if you need a friend I promise, I won't ever let you down the second time around Verse 1 I know that I've made some mistakes You were all give and I was all take And how could I ever have treated you this way I ask myself that question every day Pre Chorus 1 Tell me can we get back to love The way that we used to Get back to love Holding me tight Can we get back to love Cause I can't wait Get back to love Don't say that it's too late Verse 2 I stay up late every night Thinkin how I'm gonna make it right I'm makin this promise to you with all my heart So let's get back how we were right from the start Rap Can we start over from the first night I want that old thing back Reminiscing always makes me miss the old times And I just hope you know that I think about us every morning when I wake Neither one of us is perfect and we know that it's ok And I just need a moment, there's just something I should say I promise I won't let you down the second time around