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A Thousand Roads
The lead song from the album with the same name. Written and sung by Frank Dicker.
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Rock - Rock General
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Frank A. Dicker, Sr.
June 21, 2015
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Story behind the song
Love song done in Classic Rock style although this tune will lend itself to a country flavor as well.
a Thousand Roads, Frank A. Dicker, Sr. July 15, 2007 I been walkin’ round with my eyes on fire, my nerves real close to my skin. I had a lot of questions, with my heart in my hand. And I’d walk where the ice is thin. The clouds hangin’ over the cabin on the hill, I see the clouds through the trees from the road. Chorus Well there’s a thousand roads up to this mountain. You can get lost if you try. It’s probably not enough that I was hoping today you’d somehow pass on by. Somehow pass on by.2 rep’s Verse II Now there’s an edge to the flight of the eagle in the sky, or the cut from a butcher’s knife. And there’s a hard hearted mood hangin’ in the air, just short of takin’ my life. Now I know she has no plans to be with me, I wouldn’t ever go that far. Chorus Bridge(SLOWER THAN VERSES) Em There’s a girl up there in the cabin, She could’ve been in my life. I didn’t ask her to marry me, I didn’t ask her to be my wife. I wish I could change it all and be up there with her. Well there’s a thousand roads up this mountain, well I’ve hiked them all in my dreams. 2 rep’s My memory is fading my mind is going blank I know I made a big mistake. Well it’s too darn bad she could never give in, leavin’ me by my Taylor guitar. I think I’ve been dreamin’ I think I’m goin’ nuts just patchin’, patchin’ the past. CHORUS , Lead out
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