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Right in Front of me
Written by Frank Dicker and recorded by Frank. The ultimate love story with a bad ending.
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Frank A. Dicker, Sr.
June 21, 2015
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Story behind the song
Guy looses mate because he didn't see the signs that were in front of him. Singer/songwriter type rendition.
Right in Front of Me 5/29/08 Frank A.Dicker, Sr. I never thought I’d miss you, Until you were gone. I always thought you’d be there, I was so wrong. So many years we played at life, Each playin’ our part. I never thought I’d wind up With this hole in my heart. Chorus But I didn’t read the signs right in front of me. I never saw the obvious right in front of me. Goin’ through life You think you’ve got it made. I got my way many times Like a weed in the shade. You never said anything That would give me a clue. I’ll have to find my way now Alone, without you. Chorus Leadverse Bridge Well I blew my chance of Livin’ life forever with you. I somehow didn’t see what you were going through. You must’ve gone away When I was still at work. Yet you cleaned up all my mess Lord knows I’ve been a jerk. I was so blind To let you slip away. I’ll never understand it Why I treated you this way. Chorus, repeat, repeat.
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