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Rock - Folk Rock
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June 18, 2015
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Westwards down the road he rides. Amidst the trees and hills, a sight to him familiar. Vibrant landscapes untouched, even by time. His father's sword strapped by his side, a legacy to never wither. For many years of his life he yearned for his true love back home. ''I will wait for you faithfully, always.'' She spoke. ''Neither war nor poverty or sickness will ever break us.'' To gods and men she pledged her time. Praying for her husband's safe return. Yet the days without him, burn away. Just like the fire from the candlelight. So shall her Ravenshield, protector and delight. ''Worry not, my love. For I am coming back to you.'' ''With the stars of the raven in the sky, you will lead me home.'' Bloodied, weary and battered. He seeks to find his way. May it not for naught have been, this sacrifice in vain. Life it slips away from his fingers' grasp. His end was met by a long spear through his heart. Yet even death will not keep them apart. Stricken by grief as the news had reached her ear. This has happened, what had been her utmost fear. ''May your passing have been swift.'' she whispered through her tears. From the high cliff she threw herself into the sea. He adhered to her just as she adhered to him. Across the sea he gazed as just one thought crossed his mind. ''Why have you been taken from me?'' For now she is forever lost at sea She is forever lost at sea. And Ravenshield will never embrace his love again.