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Gilded Cage
do you hide behind a mask.... then listen....
Rock - Rock General
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June 12, 2004
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You try to hide behind your mask That you’ve meticulously created. Your gilded cage, your walls around you, You’re so mysterious and sophisticated. The world’s a stage, you play your part; A perfect face in every situation. And all the while your heart is breaking, I’ll bet you win an Oscar nomination. What the world sees is only what they want to see. No sign of struggle in your reality. What the world knows of you is only what you show. Your smile is fit for any magazine. Chorus: full chorus 1x (see below) Your laughter veils your disillusion. Your every move precisely orchestrated. Your one desire, it still eludes you; Behind your eyes a quiet desperation. What the world sees is only what they want to see; The perfect image they believe. What they world knows of you is only what you show; So calm and cool amidst the sweet insanity. Chorus Get away go away break (away) (be) free Life’s desires are slowly drowning me. Give in let go let Him take control take a chance; overcome your circumstance Get up get out of the mess you’re in Open up let His Spirit come within There’s a way out of this misery But you must surrender willingly One Love is all you need 8 measure solo Chorus: 1x Tag : 2nd part of chorus acapella