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On The Use Of Force
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Metal - Death/Black Metal
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June 12, 2004
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you are here because you are full of hate I am here to help guide your way you desire that which is not yours I am here to help you take it by force send forth your armies of hate and despair crush those in your way proceed without fear listen not to the screams of those under your hooves push them into the ground their bones, flesh and blood make a road of their bodies straight to your goal none shall stand in your way for pain they shall know burn the villages to the ground set bodies alight take what you wish for might makes might battle fields on your path your enemy knows you bring death this barracade of flesh shall never hold you back in the distance you see the tower of your advasary inside is that which you desire horses gallop forwards onward to victory off with his skull displayed from the highest window you reached out your fist and captured your goal survey your lands all of this is yours by taking advice on the use of force
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