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Everyone Was At Stonewall (2015)
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Sandy Rapp
Sandy Rapp 1992 & 2015
July 10, 2018
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Story behind the song
Everyone Was At Stonewall (2015) is a GLBT history written for Sensitivity Training of the Long Island, NY police and premiered at a Long Island Pride Parade. The song won Stonewall Society’s Pride Song of 2004; and Rapp has sung it at hundreds of events around the US, including the Millennium March, and the STONEWALL Veterans’ NYC reunions. Updated yearly with the growing list of GLBT civil-rights states (distinct from the equal-marriage states), “2015” is the final edition. During the Stonewall Era, Rapp sang in Manhattan gaybars Chez Pat and Three
EVERYONE WAS AT STONEWALL (2015) © Sandy Rapp 1992 & 2015 Where were you in the June of '69? Did you sing a song of Suzanne or Sweet Caroline? Did you walk on the moon or were both feet on the ground? Were you Woodstock bound? Those were the days when the bars became our homes; 'Cause we had no church or state to call our own. And they raided the bars and the cars were on patrol; And they bugged our phones. But there came a time, a summer's night, When everyone came out to join the fight. Out of twenty million strong, Not a queer soul was at home to hear it told. chorus: To hear it told, Everyone Was At Stonewall; It's widely known, not a soul was home. Every G. & L. has a New York tale to tell, 'Cause Stonewall was everyone. Did you hear the coins go rollin' round the Square? Did you see the crowd with long, beautiful hair? Did you see them throw the building in the air, 'Cause you were there? And was it true, did a cry go through, From the Village on up Second Avenue? Did they hear it at Uncle Charley's and at Three, That they were free? repeat chorus Now the Post Office which in those days screened our mail, With a mind to putting some of us in jail, Has cast a stamp in the image of us all For the old Stonewall. And though the Congress continued to queer our goose, The Pentagon was less out on the loose; The Supreme Court ruled for equal marriage too, and by 2014 As the list of gay civil right states grew: Connecticut, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Vermont, California, New Jersey, Minnesota, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Nevada and Rhode Island, Washington, New York, Maryland, Illinois, New Mexico, Iowa and Maine too did come through With Delaware, Oregon, Colorado, Utah & DC too. And it won't be long, it won't be long, 'Til a President will sing the Stonewall song And we'll be heading up the White House throng, Where we belong. repeat chorus twice with final last line: Stonewall was Stonewall.