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Bad At Dance
First new release in a very long time (years) is a parody of Gaga's huge hit Bad Romance about someone's inability at dance.
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Below Average Dave (lyrics)
2015 Below Average Dave
May 10, 2015
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4:22 minutes
Story behind the song
Written as a light poke at my own lack of dance abilities and then brought to heights that even I can handle. Lady Gaga's Bad Romance just fit it so well and as a fan, felt like the right song to bring here.
Up, Down, Left, Right, Left Jump, Split, Heart Pump Chest Slide, Slide, Shake the rest I just cannot dance Step, Step, move my hip Robot, do the twist Up, Down, slap my wrist I just cannot dance Can't do the tango I fall on my knees and when I mambo people point and they tease I step on toes Ouch Ouch Ouch I step on toes No Macarena Cannot Chicken Dance And the Electric Slide makes me rip my pants It's kinda sad Sad-Sad-Sad It's really sad You know I've got no groove I have really bad moves
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