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Drag The Main
Dave Adams of Montrose fame delivers this vocal from the "Butterflies Are Free' album. Frank Dicker is the composer.
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Rock - Rock General
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Frank A. Dicker, Sr.
April 23, 2015
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3:53 minutes
Story behind the song
Memories of dragging the main to see chicks.
Drag the Main Frank A. Dicker, Sr. (c) 2010 (ascap) Livin’ in a small town nothin’ much to do. Lookin’ for a good time and something new. under the moon light, gonna lay it down Gonna make it last gonna hit the town Chorus Gonna get in the car and drag the main I’m gonna hit the gas. gonna find that girl that’s lookin’ so fine. every time I feel I lose my mind. every time I feel I lose my mind. gonna find a way, gonna find that girl Looks like I’m finally gonna get my way. If I drag the main,drag the main. You ain’t nothin’ if you don’t know who you are. always find myself when I drive my car. When she’s by my side nothin’ else will do. my full blown chevy, metallic blue. Chorus Rock and roll blasts from the speakers so loud. Everybody cheering just listen to the crowd. Foot on the gas, hand on the wheel Flyin’ down the road like fine blue steel. Chorus
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