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asses vs masses
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April 16, 2015
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no stop wait a minute here let me get my sarcasm on will you quit talking a minute i don't mean to keep shush ing you but the chunks you are spewing are way to big to swallow i believe in your right to say. just don't say it to me again! or i might have a coniption fit all over your head! you keep telling me about the day getting brighter? your words keep foaming from your mouth like a rabid dog what you want is for me to work for peanuts my whole life away day after day untill i am to old to work then you want to cut my social security! security? my ass! i think i might just come on over to your house tonight and! well you know how that would turn out. screw you and the horses ass you rode in on! nothing is better nothing is changing. unless it's for the worse? no matter how you see it that dog won't hunt! no matter what color you paint it everybody can still see it aint no silk purse. in a pigs eye! black dudes dropping like flies! prisons busting at the seams. home less begging in front of every store living in boxes in every alley in every town and it don't matter how many bandaids you got the hole in the doughnut is getting bigger the corrupt rich verses! the homeless masses how long till you whip out the gasses in the end i bet it's us who kick your asses.