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LA Town (Don't Bring me Down)
From the "Butterflies Are Free" album produced by Polo Jones. Story of the battle between business in LA and San Francisco. Vocal by Vernon Davis a Santa Cruz CA big name. Written by Frank Dicker. Drums by Kenny Aronoff.
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Frank A. Dicker, Sr.
April 16, 2015
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Story behind the song
He worked for a SF bank and would travel to LA several times per year and learn from the south. The North didn't always agree with the changes he brought back. Vocal by Vernin' Burnin'.
LA Town (Don’t Bring me Down) Frank A. Dicker, Sr. (c) 2005 (ascap) Ship my blues, Mr Hughes, to LA city town. City lights and lonely nights soon I’ll be spellbound. Through the screen I still see green, knowin’ it’s gonna change. I left my home for forty-eight winks, style they’ll rearrange. Chorus (2 times) LA Town don’t bring me down, this bird of steel knows here way. Field after field see the ground, I’m flying south to LA town. Everyone pays and no one stays the clock strikes four four-five. The man on the street preaching death are we really alive. I work for a bank on Montgomery street it’s power is in LA. Telling my boss down south is right was not the best thing to say. Chorus (4 times) I get so confused I love to go south and learn the tricks of my trade. But when I come home and show my stuff they fight the changes I’ve made. One step forward and one step back this ain’t the way. He can tell you yes and she can tell you no, hey, this ain’t no game we play. Chorus (7 timnes)
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