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I originally wrote this as part of a 24 hour album. It was never recorded (except in extremely rough draft form). Today I decided to give it a production. My voice is just shot from allergies that I have never had before, but here it is anyway.
Alternative - Indie
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Jon Solo
April 07, 2015
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Story behind the song
Originally written for a 24 hour album. Not previously recorded.
Thoughts in my mind, Desires in my heart Questioning all the things I’ve been taught Why am I here, And why do I care Shaking them off all I can do is stare Somewhere in time something crept in Something I knew would do me in What made me shrink well all I can think Is something came in now how I can end it all On the table A gun is waiting for me On the chance I Decide to leave Should I stay Something is new and something is near Something I now begin to fear I want to live, but how can I live When I was willing of myself to give On the table A gun was waiting for me On the chance I Decided to leave to leave But I am here still I decided to stay But on the chance I Decide to leave Could I leave
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