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Crumbs In Carpet
Battling A Menacing Disease
HipHop - Hip Hop General
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March 22, 2015
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Story behind the song
My brother has battled OCD for a number of years and in trying to understand the disease and hoping to enlighten other people about how debilitating it really is, I wrote this song.
As a kid growing up, I was neat, I admit it/ I know I didn’t need to, I seemed so committed/ I was orderly, yes, borderline neat freak/ Sorta like a hoarder, but kept my shit in order/ I was fortunate to be nothing more than just a teen/ Dormant and organized, ignoring all the people/ That were mindless, I was finding it was spineless/ To focus on surroundings, I had to be independent/ But it depended on the day, depended on my mood/ It depended on everything, like every fuckin thing/ Like why is it this way, it’s supposed to be this way/ No, it’s not supposed to be, it has to be this way/ It’s moved past neatness, so much dependency/ What you call OCD is just a tendency/ A menace, a menace, it’s just a menace see/ A pet peeve to you is my fuckin enemy/ You have no clue what it’s like in these shoes/ To get up, go to work, and close the door behind you/ Walk to the curb, but look behind you/ I know it’s closed, man don’t look behind you/ Yes it’s closed, I can get in my car/ I can leave now, nope, I put it in park/ Just check once more man you gotta be sure/ Gotta check once, twice, three times, four/ It’s gotta be four, I can’t look back/ Keep walkin to the car man, don’t look back/ Don’t you dare, don’t waste another minute/ I can see my car but I can’t get in it/ Already sweating bullets, my mind is on full its/ Not letting me go to work, I need to go to work/ I can see my neighbors leaving their house/ I wave, but inside, I scream and shout/ See, a task like this is a massive fist/ In my stomach – twisting, imagine this/ If everything you did was an item on a list/ And you couldn’t do a thing until the first was perfect/ Now try to do that while you faking a smile/ While everyone think you crazy coz you takin a while/ I have no options or choices to make/ I gotta do what I gotta do, it’s like a poison I’m takin/ I can’t stop drinking, I drink and drink it/ No idea when to finish man, can’t even think it/ I’ll waste a whole day just tryna get started/ I cancelled a date because of crumbs in carpet/ I know it seems stupid, It is fucking stupid/ I counted, and counted em, again and again/ I did it for hours, it seemed like hours/ I know that I missed one and it’s still in my head/ Powerless, cowardice, hours and hours, it’s/ Time to go home but I’m still in my bed/ This shit’s no joke, it can leave you broken/ I’m bound to beat it when the beast is woken/ I feel like choking and I’m down and out/ I can come up swinging man without a doubt/ And Ima be on top, I’m gonna beat this, watch/