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carpe diem
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just youth fading
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Alternative - Grunge
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juan c rial
2015 juan c rial
March 15, 2015
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listen baby, do this thing for me, leave prozac aside, just for today If you are crazy, fuck off, but trust me i see people like you fall down the same way great expectations and we had bad dreams but some time ago they've written our lives in just two words: holy shit let's read next chapter at night you've got a short life don't waste your time carpe diem living at night in the street at the disco. you're the queen [pretending i am the king] have you tried all the crap they sell? They're not going to give anything for free but I'm not better off them I like to tell you what I want you to do (pretty eyes)pretty eyes but your mouth... I beg you to fuck me but I'll never love you (please use your tongue) please use your tongue... use your mouth... you've got a short life enough wasted time carpe diem dreaming at night uooo ooo aaaaah a i wonder if one day you love me but i'll never know i wonder if one night i love you but you'll never know i wonder if once i loved but you'll never know i wonder if once you loved but i'll never know we'll never know
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