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Cash For Gold
This is a ballad about a divorced man torn about moving on with his life.
Pop - Adult Contemporary
Previous peak charts position #149
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #22
Words and Music by Larry Whitler
2015 Quill And Keyboard Productions
March 15, 2015
MP3 5.0 MB
160 kbps bitrate
4:20 minutes
Story behind the song
This is a story of a divorced man living alone in a small apartment. He has never let go of the love he once shared with his ex-wife. Outside his window is a neon sign on a pawn shop that taunts him with the words, "Cash For Gold." If he cashes in on the wedding rings he'll have enough money to move out. He's torn by the idea because those rings represent the only love he ever knew. Because he has refused to find a new love he is continually tempted by the ladies of the night. Those temptations almost seduce him but the desire for true love conquers all. In the end, he cashes in the rings and moves on with his life. Hope you like the song.
The ocean's fragrance in your hair Your whisper in the evening air I lose control My heart speeds up My brain goes numb A cresting wave come crashing through my soul I wake from the dream It's quarter after three The neon on the street Says cash for gold How did we lose forever? That's what these rings were for Now they're just gold--- Cash for gold--- A million fish are in the sea They say that's the philosophy When life unfolds But, Socrates, These violent seas Of lust and passion begging to be whole This dark lonely street Seducing my defeat 'Til love stops the beat From cash for gold--- I still believe in romance Incurably, perhaps, But, love's the true gold---- No love for gold I close my eyes and in my dreams Our love was like a movie scene So long ago The music swells The star rebels And just before the closing credits roll The hero prevails Escaping from his jail And leaves a dusty trail Of cash for gold How did we lose forever? That's what those rings were for And now they're just gold--- Cash for gold---