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Ukijo (full version 2012)
Composed in March 2010. Variations on Japanese song Sakura Sakura and Moravian song Ej lasko lasko. This electronic version was recorded in May 2012. This song or whole CD "Japanesque" can be ordered at Amazon, CD Baby or iTune.
World - World Fusion
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Daniel Forro
Daniel Forro, OSA, JASRAC
January 29, 2015
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16:26 minutes
Story behind the song
Track 13 from my CD Japanesque from June 2012, inspired by Japanese culture and music and done as a charity CD for survivors of Japanese Tohoku natural disaster on March 11, 2011, dedicated to the memory of all victims. I was fascinated to find that such culturally far countries like Japan and Czech Republic can express similar feelings in folk music - namely nostalgic feeling of passing time and fugitive beauty. In Japanese song "Sakura sakura" it's a transient beauty of blossoming sakura trees, in Moravian song "Ej lasko lasko" it's a love. So I have combined both songs and used their melodic elements for structural variations of more kind... Original instrumentation: shakuhachi, biwa, shamisen, 6 koto, piano, Japanese percussions. This is more sophisticated electronic version using more colorful arrangement.